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Photo: Hajnal Miklós

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent"

Victor Hugo

Photo: Hajnal Miklós

The guitar has fascinated me since I was a young child. I tried to play this instrument as soon as I could hold it – so proud, when I got my own miniature version of a classical guitar from my parents at age 6. Soon I tried to write my first songs, a few simple chords with texts in an imaginary language that was supposed to sound like English. Tears of desperation when I couldn't press all the notes of an F major chord with my small fingers. I tried again and again, until I managed it.

Much has changed until today. I've written more than twenty songs and two classical pieces, sometimes I even teach other people how to play the F major chord. What remains unchanged is the unbroken will to follow my dreams. And there is still this short moment of magic every time I open the case of my guitar, sense the smell of its wood, and stroke over its shiny strings...

In the meanwhile I've collected experiences as a guitarist, bassist and singer in different bands and formations. During my study years in music production and psychology, I took part in the vocal class of Landes-Jugendjazzorchester Bayern, I was a singer in the Academic Choir of Zurich and organized various Open Mic sessions in Zurich. The two debbü concerts in Germany and Switzerland (January 2014) represented my first set of 100% genuine material. In spring 2015, I recorded 25 songs in the historical wooden Hänggiturm at Schwanden (Glarus, Switzerland). In 2018 I joined Sugar Box as a guitarist and co-founded the acoustic pop band sage&schweige. We finally released our first EP "Morgen ist heute gestern" in 2020.

Debora Mittner

(photo: Michael Kiechle)

Lisa Schweiger

(photo: Michael Kiechle)

My close friend Lisa Schweiger contributed the texts and ideas for some of my best songs. Moreover, she played most of the violin parts on the Hänggiturm recordings. Lisa studied governance, public policy and international relations in Passau, Aberdeen and Edinburgh and finished her PhD in

International Law before settling down in York. Her critical ears and well-wishing comments always pushed my work forward and helped me to grow both as an artist and as a person.

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